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You’re here because you have a passion for photography. You’re eager to turn this passion into a career, or you’re looking for ways to level up your current photography business. You’re hungry to learn. You’re driven to do your best work and stand out in the industry. You want your clients to do a happy dance when they see their photos. 

And that’s why I’m here. After years of navigating this industry myself, I’m ready to pay it forward and share my nuggets of knowledge to help you hit your goals. With these photography mentorship sessions, nothing is off the table. Tailored to your questions and interests, we’ll create an action plan on how to take your work to the next level. 

You’re here because you want to level up your business

 Mariah Millie


I have a feeling you’re a lot like me: someone who strives to improve their craft—and will put in the work to crush their goals. 

I’ll admit, as a self-taught photographer, it wasn’t easy turning this hobby into a full-time career—it’s a tough industry to crack! I watched hours of Youtube videos. I photographed my friends. I signed up for courses. I attended workshops. I invested in business. I found a business coach. And it was all worth it. I learned so many skills. I uncovered a community of photographers that support one another. And in four years, I built a six-figure business. And I believe you can too

To me, education, learning, and new perspectives are important for photographers at any skill level. While these photography mentorship sessions are tailored to you, here are some common questions that I’ve been asked (and have lots to say about!): 

• What is your editing process like?
• How can I help my clients pose?
• How do you organize your photography business?
• What is your client workflow?
• Can you help me with my camera settings?

You're in the right place. Let's discover what sets you a part!


The first step is easy peasy: Hit the “Book Now” button attached to the form below. You’ll be asked to share a bit about yourself and what you’d like to get out of a mentorship session. I’ll get back to you with a simple questionnaire to fill in any gaps, so we can structure the session to serve you best!


After your mentorship session, you’ll get a follow-up email summarizing our meeting. I’ll also hook you up with a bonus resource that covers all my go-to photography and business tools. In case you have any follow-up questions, I typically keep my schedule open for a week after the session to answer any inquiries. Just shoot me an email!


I want to make these sessions as flexible as I can. We can meet over a video call (such as Zoom, or Facetime), or we can meet in person at a cafe in the Vancouver area. 

Your Photography Mentorship Session

What to Expect

Reach out to book a session: 

Attend your mentorship session:

Reflect, learn, and get at your goals: 



includes: 1 Hour Mentor Call

Pick my brain from the comforts of your home. Let’s chat over video (Zoom or another video platform) and discuss ways to grow your craft and business! In addition to building my photography skills, I’ve invested tons of time and money in mentorship programs, and I’m happy to share all the tips and tricks I’ve gathered. 

This session includes (but isn’t limited to): 

+ How to find your niche & style
+ Camera basics & settings
+ Shooting & how to play with the light 
+ Using Adobe Lightroom
+ Editing your photos
+ Improving your workflow
+ Attracting & booking your dream client 
+ Emails & client interaction
+ Running a website & blog
+ How to create pricing & contracts 

Plus, we’ll tackle any other questions you may have. I’m an open book—ask away! 



one-on-one in person 


includes: 1 Hour In-Person session

If you’ve got more time to set aside and you’re a hands-on learner, let’s meet in person and dive into my whole process! In addition to talking through your questions about photography and running a business, these sessions are also a great opportunity to get tips on how to use your camera to the fullest. 

This session includes (but isn’t limited to): 

+ Shooting & catching natural moments
+ Finding your niche & style
+ Camera basics & settings
+ A live editing tutorial 
+ Finding good light, anywhere
+ Improving your workflow
+ Attracting & booking your ideal client
+ Constructive feedback on your work & website
+ Goal setting
+ How to create pricing & contracts 
+ Advertising, collaborating, and social media marketing 

live shoot


includes: 3-4 Hour In Person
& 1 Hour live collab photoshoot

If you’re looking for the full shebang, then this package is for you! Join me for a couple session and see how I work at a live shoot. You’ll also be invited to shoot alongside me and direct the couple too!

This is the time to experiment, ask questions, and put your learnings into practice. Because this is a hands-on session, don’t forget your camera gear! 

This session includes (but isn’t limited to): 

+ Shooting & catching natural moments
+ Camera basics & settings
+ Finding your niche & style
+ Experience shooting a couple
+ Posing, directing & guiding
+ A live editing tutorial 
+ Finding good light, anywhere
+ Maximizing your location & finding vignettes
+ Composition consideration
+ Improving your workflow
+ Attracting & booking your ideal client
+ Constructive feedback on your work & website
+ Goal setting
+ Creating pricing & PDFs
+ Advertising, collaborating, and social media marketing

Questions are welcomed throughout the session—I want you to get the most out of it! And if you don’t live in Vancouver, no sweat. Let’s discuss travel options to make it work.  


Mariah was so sweet to work with! I had a mentor session with her and she was so helpful, so comprehensive and so thoughtful the whole time from the initial contact to the follow-up after our session! We discussed things from the technical aspects of photography, to posing, to business and marketing and everywhere in between and she was so transparent with her own experiences and what she taught me. I loved my experience learning from Mariah through he mentor session and would highly recommend to any other photographer who was hoping to get a little more guidance!! <3

- Mentee, Eunice 

"I loved my experience learning from Mariah"


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