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If you’re from Vancouver you know the slightest if not the mere subject of affordability. My dear friend Ayesha is on the incline to starting her blog that will help educate you on how you can keep that amazing financially carefree lifestyle you either have or once had. When your pockets were full and stayed full. With her motto — If you’re paying full price, you’re not doing it right. I’m here to help!

I don’t want to release the all the details, but keep on the look out for her soon to be “Here for Happy Hour Blog”. (Will link here soon) As for right now, take a minute and get to know her by reading her bio below, and check out some of the shots we took at her recent Blogger’s Content Session.

Meet Ayesha!

Hey folks! My name is Ayesha. I’ve recently completed my Master’s degree and am now facing several challenges, such as landing a career. There are also a few financial obstacles – like moving out of my parents’ place. I guess that’s only one, but I live in Vancouver so that counts as two! In other words, it’s time to live on a budget. However, I plan on still living the lifestyle of a server living at their parent’s place at the age of 27 (I’m really letting it all hang out, aren’t I?) – aka slightly bougie. If you can relate, or want to relate, make sure to check back in, as my intention is to share how you can enjoy the finer things at a lesser cost. Restaurant promotions, sales, savvy online shopping – there’s no greater joy to me than snaggin’ a deal, and knowing that you will too.

What’s a Bloggers Content Session you might ask?

This is a session dedicated to giving bloggers, influencers, and any social users new content to have to either fill their web pages, or have content for the next couple of months for that amazing aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed. Because, let’s be honest even if your selfie game is strong, what is stronger is someone who can catch all the angles and different styles of photos that you can use and reuse for quite sometime.

If you have any questions or think this is something that you have been looking to achieve for a while, let’s chat! But in the meantime let’s get to those photos I mentioned.


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